• When the CEO of CheapCycleParts.com was ready to take his website to the next level I was brought on as part of the development team. We were charged with re-branding the company and creating a custom web application to increase sales and improve the customer experience. We discovered that the main challenge was not just the user interface but the organization of the data. With parts and products coming from multiple vendors there was no standard format or structure. In order to organize the chaos of the data we created a process to standardize "fitment".

    The primary path on the site is to get the user to select their vehicle which enabled us to market directly to them by putting parts that fit their bike and apparel that's appropriate for their needs directly in front of them. By using Google Analytics, SiteCatalyst & A/B testing to help understand customer behavior and drive design decisions, we were able to grow the annual site revenue from 12 million dollars to 30 million dollars.

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  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut, Sublime Text, html, Sass, Ruby on Rails and jQuery.